Here at Grace, we are committed to share life together. We cannot live without honest relationships. We are resolved to figure out how to love God, love each other, and live on mission together.

Grace Church Communities are a place where you can begin to build those relationships and practice the way of Jesus together. We like to say that we are a church made up of Communities. This is one of the primary places where we are able to truly be ourselves with one another, and through that belonging, grow together in Christ.

What Is The Big 3?

We have committed as a church to live life with Jesus everyday. 

To do this well, we have identified 3 practices, or habits, that we believe will help us to grow, and become more like Jesus. These practices are Blessing Others, Initiating Prayer, and Getting in the Bible. We do these things daily, and encourage each other in community regularly. All of our communities center around these practices, and are committed to doing them together.

Bless Others

We are called by God to be a blessing to the people around us. Love is a verb! To show God’s love to our neighbors, coworkers and friends, we have to actively work to bless, encourage and help them.

This can show up in all kinds of ways. We can use our time, our gifts and talents, or our resources to be a blessing. We believe that the action of loving, serving, and blessing others will require us to stay connected to Jesus, and will help us to grow more like Him.

Initiate Prayer

Prayer is the process of talking, and listening to God. To live life with Jesus, we have to initiate, and engage Him in that process. 

Whether we are initiating prayer moments with the people around us, or simply making time in our day to talk and listen to God, we believe that prayer is essential to becoming more like Jesus.

Get In The Bible

The Bible is God’s heart and character on display for us. We believe that spending time throughout our days and weeks listening, reading and thinking about the words of God in the Bible will transform our minds. 

We don’t just want to get through a Bible reading plan. Instead, we commit to spending time in the bible, so that it gets into our heads and our hearts. 

Join a Community This Fall!

Most of our groups take a break over the summer. We would love for you to join a group when they re-launch this fall! If you would like help connecting to a group or if you have questions, fill out this form and someone from our team will reach out to you soon to talk more.

Interested in Leading a Community?

We need people just like you to lead communities at Grace Church. If you love people, are passionate about following Jesus, and can connect with others that are doing the same thing, you can be a Community Leader! Each leader is connected with a coach, who will give guidance and encouragement. If you are interested, sign up for a Community Leader Training Event this summer.