How To Use Your Bible.


The Bible is at the core of what it means to follow Jesus. God tells us that the Bible is his word, his heart, instruction and love for us, put on display.

However, so many of us don’t exactly know what to do with the Bible. It can be a big, complicated book to understand, and use on a day-to-day basis. If you are someone who says, “I’m not quite sure how to use the Bible.” This course is for you! 

During this course you will learn how to use your bible to hear God’s voice, understand his heart, and put his vision for life into practice.


This course consists of 2 three-hour classes in classroom B.

The classes are structured to build upon each other from the previous sessions.


  • Friday, July 26th (6 – 9pm)
  • Saturday, July 27th (9am – 12pm)

The next How To Use Your Bible course starts on Friday, July 26th.

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