Our response to what God has already done.


Thanks for taking a few minutes to understand where we are heading as a church! Our vision here at Grace is to ignite a gospel-centered movement. Through the next three years, we want to be intentional about building a foundation for the future of that movement, here on the east side of Akron.

Right now, we have a unique opportunity to have an impact for the gospel. We have seen God continually open doors for Grace to connect with people who don’t know Jesus in our neighborhood. In addition, we have seen him do incredible things in the story of our church. Through specific efforts in our local community, in the hearts of the people of our church, and in the lives of the next generation, we believe that God is creating opportunities for us to move from where we are, to where we need to be.

We want to dream together, plan together, and work together as we head into this three-year chapter. We pray that you will join us in the pursuit of these goals, as God helps us to grow from Here to There.



Making a financial commitment to the vision of Grace Church is a spiritual decision. Pray about what God is calling you to give. Join us for commitment weekend on Sunday, November 13th for special celebration of Here To There, or click the link below to make your pledge.


This giving chart is included to make it easier tot estimate your total gift over a 3-year, 36 month campaign. Totals represented in the sample are approximate. Your actual weekly, monthly and yearly giving may vary.


Ideas for Creative Giving

  • Eliminate one coffee trip per week
  • Eliminate one meal out per month with your family
  • Skip the movie theatre and plan a family movie night.
  • Reduce spending on a hobby or regular activity.

Ways To Give


Log in to your GraceLINK account at gracelink.graceohio.org and choose give from the menu. Make sure to designate your gift to “Here To There”

Check out this tutorial for a step by step guide!


If you would like to give a one-time gift that goes directly to the Here To There projects, you can do so at the link below.



If you are interested in exploring alternate giving options (such as stocks or special gifts), our finance department can help make the arrangements.

Email gracefinance@graceohio.org or call the office at 330-353-9861.


At Grace Church, our multi-site vision is rooted in the conviction that every community should have a thriving local church so that the gospel is clear and accessible to everyone. God has been incredibly faithful to the Akron East Campus, and we believe that our greatest impact is still yet to come. In 2023 we will move into our new home at 2330 E. Market Street in Ellet. We pray that this building will become a hub of ministry for our church and the people of our community. To move towards this vision, we are remodeling many of the spaces inside the building, including the auditorium, lobby, kids’ classrooms, adult classrooms and gym. Through Here to There we will lay a foundation for years of impact and opportunity for the gospel.



Throughout the last two years, our campus has had the incredible opportunity to impact our community in powerful ways. Our dream is to continue this investment by doubling down on the ways that we have seen God move. First, we want to prepare our new home for guests, and provide a welcoming place for our community to gather. To do this, we need renovate the auditorium and lobby of our new facility.

Through Go+Do Projects, we have had the chance to come together as a church to help over 40 families with practical, simple needs. As we grow in our understanding of our neighborhood, and the needs of its people, we plan to continue expanding this work.

In addition, we have experienced the incredible privilege of working with Restore Addiction Recovery, a Christ- centered, Biblically-based and clinically-supported 12-month residential program for men struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction. These men attend our campus and are personally invested in the life of our church. In return, we are committed to investing into them.



Who we are matters more than what we do. At Grace, we believe that the greatest thing that we can do with our lives is to allow Jesus to change us into the people that look more and more like Him, and to take on the identity that He has given us. In short, our passion is to become disciples. To do this, we have made a commitment as a church to live life with Jesus every day. This simple but very hard and radical commitment is our driving passion, and one that we would love for you to join.

Over the next three years, we will continue this path of becoming disciples, and inviting more and more people into the journey with us. Our new home will include classrooms for people to learn more about Jesus and how to follow him, as well as a room dedicated to prayer, both on the weekend, and throughout the week.



At Grace, we are fully committed to Kids and Students. We often say that we will unapologetically devote major resources and energy towards shaping a God- centered world view during a person’s prime developmental years. To do this, we need both spaces for kids to learn and grow, and leaders to help the get from here to there.

Throughout the next phase of our campus, we will work to build both a place, and a team dedicated to leading kids and students to a life lived with Jesus. A major piece of the renovation of our new home will include spaces for kids and students to feel welcome and known. In addition, we will hire a Powerkids Director to work directly with kids up to 5th grade. We will also move towards hiring a Next Gen Resident, with the goal of building relationships and creating space for Middle, Highschool, and College Students.


How much money are we trying to raise, and how long is the financial commitment?

In addition to what God has already provided financially, we will need to raise $600,000 to complete the projects we have laid out in Here to There. This is a three year commitment from November 2022 through November 2025.

What will happen to our current location on George Washington Blvd?

We will be selling the property at George Washington, and completely moving to our new home in 2023. We have an interested buyer, and are excited to tell you more details in the near future! 

When are we moving into our new location on E. Market Street?

We plan to move in the late summer of 2023. The official date will be finalized as we get closer to construction being completed.

What if we raise more or less than our goal?

Each of our areas can be scaled according to the generosity of the church. If we raise more, we will be able to allocate more to each area. Likewise, the projects can be scaled down to be good stewards of our resources.