During this series at Grace, we are asking you to take a journey with us through the books of the Bible that we call the Gospels. Over the next five weeks we will explore who Jesus really is, what the Bible says about His life, and what that means for you and me.

Each week, we will read through one of the Gospels in preparation for the weekend conversation. We’ll provide helpful resources here like a video overview of each book, and a reading plan to help you follow along!

Week 1: Book of Mark


Reading Plan


Monday (4/5): Mark 1-2

Tuesday (4/6): Mark 3-4

Wednesday (4/7): Mark 5-6

Thursday (4/8): Mark 7-8

Friday (4/9): Mark 9-11

Saturday (4/10): Mark 12-14

Sunday (4/11): Mark 15-16


Week 2: Book of Matthew


Reading Plan


Monday (4/12): Ch. 1-4

Tuesday (4/13): Ch. 5-8

Wednesday (4/14): Ch. 9-12

Thursday (4/15): Ch. 13-16

Friday (4/16): Ch. 17-20

Saturday (4/17): Ch. 21-24

Sunday (4/18): Ch. 25-28