Thank you for joining us for this unique weekend experience! Taking time to refocus is an important discipline, and it is something that we are passionate about doing on a regular basis here at Akron East. Our practice today has 3 parts: Prayer, Reflection, & Setting Goals.

Follow along with Pastor Ryan as he leads you through each of these steps. Take your time as you go through this exercise, and let the Lord work in your heart and mind!


Join Pastor Ryan as he lays out the building blocks for this exercise, and guides you through what it means to refocus.

After watching this first video, spend some time in prayer and reflection to prepare your heart and mind. Ask the Lord to help you see where your life has been, and to give you wisdom an insight into where he is leading you.




After watching this second video, download the Refocus Guide, and spend some time working through the questions. Depending on your stage of life, you might spend more time on one section, and not very much in another. That is ok! Use this tool to interact with where you are right now. Let God lead you! 


You made it to part three! Watch this final video to learn how to take the next step: setting goals and making changes that will allow us to follow more closely after Christ in the coming season. The goal is not perfection, but health in the key areas of our lives. 

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